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Arthroscopic surgery courses

An advanced course in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee joints took place in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on last week. Sergey A. Gerasimov the doctor of orthopedic office of adults took part in it.

The manufacturer of medical devices and equipment Stryker organized the training. One of the leaders of the courses was Roman Brzoska (Clinic St. Luke’s, Krakow, Poland).

Participants improved their skills in the technique of rotator cuff reconstruction, including the use of the implant InSpace Balloon. Installing an InSpace Balloon implant is an alternative to ligament replacement in rotator cuff injury.

The program of the course included improving the skills of reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament a technique of All-Inside using a plate system ProCinch® RT (Stryker). In addition, participants worked out the meniscus suture using All-Inside and Inside-out techniques.