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Paid services and the cost of surgery

The provision of paid medical services for cash is carried out on the basis of 100% prepayment. The clinic performs surgeries for various joint pathologies, which can be found on our website in the “Services” section. For surgical interferences in our clinic, the latest developments in the field of medicine are applied, modern materials are used, and organ-preserving operations are performed.
Inpatient treatment consists of:

  • surgical treatment including preoperative examination, surgery, postoperative care and treatment;
  • rehabilitation activities.

When providing services in an inpatient hospital, the patient is obliged to comply with the requirements, prescriptions, recommendations of specialists providing medical care, including communicating the necessary information for this, such as:

  • inform of all changes in the state of health when receiving the prescribed treatment and medicinal drugs;
  • during observation and treatment, not to use medicinal drugs prescribed by specialists of other medical institutions that have developed due to the fault of the patient.

The cost of joint endoprosthesis replacement (inpatient treatment) consists of several components (according to the price list of medical services):

1. The cost of consultation by a doctor.
2. The cost ofsurgery.
3. The cost ofimplant / surgical hardware (if necessary).
4. The cost ofevery bed-day in the hospital.
5. The cost ofrequired laboratory examination in the pre- and postsurgical periods.

Also be prepared for the additional costs that you may need (for example, for compression stockings for the prevention of vascular complications, crutches, etc.)
Joint implants are centrally procured by the University Hospital and stored in a special warehouse.The cost of implants is included in the register of services performed. The cost of primary and revision implants is significantly different.For each patient, the most appropriate type of an implant for their case is selected, the price of which varies from RUB 40 000 to 170 000.The cost of the revision implant may reach RUB 250 000 and more.For organ-preservingsurgeries and arthroscopic interferences additional structures (screws, clamps) may be required.

The price range for the medical services of the clinic can be found in the table below.

Price list of medical services

Name of medical service Price of 1 unit, RUB
Reception (examination, consultation) the doctor (primary) 2 000
Reception (examination, consultation) the doctor (repeatedly) 1 100
Intra-articular administration of the medicinal drug (without the cost of medicinal drug) 2 750
Intra-articular, periarticular and / or intramuscular administration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP)with samplingand centrifuging (including consumable material) 8 800
Primary hip or knee joint endoprosthesis replacement (the cost of the surgery) 123 250 (without cost of surgical hardware)
Revision hip or knee joint endoprosthesis replacement (2 stage) (the cost of the surgery) 176 000 (without cost of surgical hardware)
Organ-preservation surgery (periacetabular osteodoctortomy, open surgery on the hip joint with preservation of the joint) (the cost of the surgery) 176 000 (without cost of additional structures (screws)
Arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament repair  (without cost of additional structures (fixation clamps) 70 500 
Bed day – Anesthesiology and resuscitation (general ward), with medicines  9 300
Bed day – Traumatology and orthopaedics (ward for 2 persons) 3 050
Bed day – Traumatology and orthopaedics (general ward) 2 200
Radiography from 610 to 1640 (the price depends on the number of images)

To understand how much the operation will cost we will give an example:
The patient is indicated for therapeutic and diagnostic arthroscopy of the hip joint using two fixation clamps. The cost of arthroscopic surgery is RUB 70 500, the cost of fixation system is RUB 40 000, the cost of two bed-days in the general ward is RUB 6 600 (RUB 2 200 * 3 days). Thus, the approximate cost of treatment will be RUB 117 100.

The procedure for hospitalization of the patient on a paid basis

If the patient wants to get inpatient care on a paid basis, he/she must contact a specialist – Abarenova Liudmila Vasilevna byphone +7 (831) 422-13-82.
The specialist in presentio or in absentiasolves organizational issues of the provision of medical serviceson a paid basis, in presentio or in absentiaorganizes (on the basis of the medical documents provided) consultation of patients who are scheduled for hospitalization for surgical treatment on a paid basis, by Head of the Department or the operating physician.During the consultation, an opinion shall be drawn up with an indication of the diagnosis, the name of the surgery according to the price list of services, the number of bed-days and the necessary metal structures or components of the endoprosthesis.
The length of the inpatient stay and the set of necessary surgical hardware or components of the endoprosthesis, which may be revealed in the course of surgery, can be changed, which may require additional payment after the end of treatment.
After consultation, the specialist will determine the date of hospitalization.