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Topical issues of large joint replacement

Interregional scientific and practical conference “Topical issues of large joint replacement” took place in Barnaul on August 22-23.

Korytkin Andrey A. and Zykin Andrey A. spoke at the event reports. Andrey Korytkin presented a report on the topic «Minimally invasive hip replacement, who can get the best result and what is needed for this?». Besides, A. Korytkin was the moderator of the section «Current issues of hip replacement surgery». Andrey Zykin presented its report «The degree of connectedness of the prosthesis in revision knee replacement» in the section «Actual problems of knee arthroplasty».

In addition, Andrey Korytkin and Andrey Zykin visited the company’s production «LOGGEKS MS» in Novosibirsk. This company produces 3D implants. Today, the sphere of additive technologies is intensively developing; new technologies allow creating an endoprosthesis according to individual parameters of the patient. Doctors orthopedics department of adults conduct operations with the installation of individual implant.

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